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We need constitutionally-minded patriots to contribute their skills or run for office.

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are under attack by foreign and domestic partners in a coordinated campaign to dissolve our rights and placate the public. With the deep state, front state, and silicon valley almost wholly in bed with China’s Communist Party, the tactics for censorship, coercion, and disarmament have become clear.

Being aware of these issues and wanting to spur change, many activists went to the Capitol on Jan. 6th to protest the theft of the election. And now they are being arrested en masse on exaggerated charges.

One of these activists is Marc Bru, a NorthWest native and long-time defender of the constitution. Marc has dedicated his life to fighting for our freedoms and defending people who need help, and and now he needs ours.

Hear Marc’s explanation of Jan. 6th

A lot more was happening on Jan. 6th than protestors were counting on.

With activists gathering outside the Capitol to protest the theft of the election and support their president, other parties saw an opportunity. And now, the opportunity is being used by the FBI to identify and imprison freedom’s most knowledgeable activists.

If any of the videos linked below are taken down, please notify us.

On January 6th, activists went to the Capitol to protest the theft of the election, chanting “stop the steal”.

According to eye witnesses, The Gateway Pundit, and other sources, Antifa members infiltrated the protest, broke windows, and created as much trouble as possible in order to damage optics.

Escalated by outside forces, the protest moved in-doors, with the permission of Capitol Police.

Desiring the same escalation as Antifa—but for a better reason—Special Forces used the commotion to enter the chambers and confiscate Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, according to Leutenant General Thomas McInerney.

To their later shagrin, many community leaders entered the Capitol and milled around.

Not to let a good opportunity go to waste, the FBI is arresting every protestor it’s able to identify with trumped up charges. If successful, they will silence our most active patriots, no longer just on the web, but in-person.

One of these patriots is our friend, and he needs our help.

Ordinary citizens are being classified as ‘insurrectionists’ in an attempt to muddy the waters and make them look threatening. It’s not surprising though; Karl Marx once said ‘accuse your enemy of doing what you are doing, it, as you are doing it to create confusion.’ It worked for the Left for the Trail of Tears, Slavery, Segregation, ruining the economy over Covid, and so many others… why stop doing what works? – Marc Bru (awaiting trial)


Capitol Defense Fund was started by friends of Marc Bru who are passionate about freedom and motivated by his arrest. Our short-term goal is to raise the funds necessary to defend his case and aid others like him. But to do this we need your help. Only by supporting those on the front lines we can we hope to win the war while it is still in the courtroom and not at our front door.

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