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Help Marc Bru

Marc Anthony Bru has spent the last 4 years fighting for our freedom by organizing groups in the PNW, helping small businesses protect themselves from the shutdown, recruiting trustworthy leaders for seats in government, and digging up how many in Washington, big business, and foreign entities are coordinating to enslave us.

Doing what activists do, Marc attended the rally on January 6th and got wrapped up in something much bigger than anyone expected. He has been arrested by the FBI, drained of his resources, and now must defend himself against numerous unfair charges. Not only because of the injustice, but also because he is a valuable asset in the war on freedom and would be a great loss, we are asking for your donations.


Raised: $700

of $55k Goal

Of all the causes, why help Marc?

We are watching our rights dissolve at an incredible rate. We now have shockingly little—and diminishing—control over what our kids are “taught”, how much of our income we keep, what weapons we have, what rainwater we can collect, and where we can gather. Even what we say and the news we receive are monitored and censored.

In the speech that got JFK assassinated he warned us there was a plot to enslave every man, woman, and child in America, and now we’re seeing it. As powerful, aggressive entities wage war on a weak and complacent public, we need activists more than ever.

Marc is one of those activists, and that is why he deserves support as much as the other million causes. Steven Donziger’s ability to sue Chevron, Timmy’s ability to get cancer treatment, and starving peoples’ ability to receive direct funds all rely on the retention of our court system’s integrity, our health care system’s privatization, and our nation’s prosperity respectively.

With the government harvesting over 70% of the average American’s income through hidden taxes and those baked into the price of goods, we know it can be tough to give—and we don’t want you to burden yourself. But in a communist country there is no 401k, no investment account, no vacation house that can’t be taken, taxed, or made too expensive to own. If you’re willing to join this fight while it’s in the courtroom and not at our front doors, please donate.

About Marc

Marc was born in Oregon and spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoyed fishing with his brothers and exploring all that the PNW has to offer. One of Marc’s favorite hiking trails was Eagle Creek Trailhead, where he later proposed to his former wife. Marc is an active member in the community and will continue to oppose government overreach and unelected bureaucrats who illegally influence government agencies.

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Meet Marc’s “Judge”

James E. Boasberg

Ever wanted to know what a member of the FISA “courts” looked like?

James E. Boasberg, pictured left, is one of the judges used by the “deep state” (non-elected officials without term limits who accumulate undue influence) to harvest data on and suppress Marc Bru, yourself, and every American you’ll ever know. You can read more about this human here.

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